5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks

Revamping a space can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you want to do a total makeover. However, not all homeowners can afford such luxury. Hence, they just try to maintain the current look of their homes.


But authorities in residential and restaurant design in Dubai believe that this endeavor can be done despite the lack of budget. These minimal and cost-effective interior refresh hacks can make your home look and feel like a luxurious space:


  1. Go for a minimalistic look


Some homeowners think that adding more design accents inside their homes would make their space luxurious and splendid. But the truth is, a clean and simple design would do, if you want to achieve a million bucks look. Go for a kind of design that can add sophistication to a space with minimal design accents. Not only it will save you from buying more furnishings and ornaments, you can create a space that is clean and expensive looking.


  1. Hide wires by wall blending


Appliances wires is necessary for the equipment to work, but it is a bane to an interior designer. If you are looking for ways to hide these hideous cables, you can do so by blending them to the wall. You can either paint them to blend with the wall’s color or use a shower rod to hide the wire clutter.


  1. Update your curtain tie-backs


This simple hack can be done in under a minute. If you are tired of seeing your old curtain tie-backs, then go to a store and buy a cheap brass hardware or a string of pearl necklace and tie your curtains with it. Your windows would instantly look like a space out of an expensive movie. You can use a variety of ornaments to spice up your window curtains.


  1. Fancy your dull countertop


Your kitchen countertop probably looks like any other countertop you see in the market. But you can still spruce it up by changing it appearance. Try to give life to your dull countertop by spray painting it with a paint color that complements your interior design and taste. Experts in kitchen design in Dubai say that it would give your laminated countertop a desirable texture.

  1. Color your ceiling


Coloring your walls might be a little old and common. To change it up a bit, why not color your ceiling with something bold. This would create an interesting contrast inside the space and would set your interior apart from others.