Tips On Getting Your Bedroom Ready For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and your room is waiting to be refreshed and renovated for the season. Interior design experts say that making changes in your personal space can help put you in a good mood for the season.

If you are thinking of making some room revamp for the sunny days, here are some interior design tips that you can follow:

  1. Bring in the colors


Now that winter season is over, it is a must for you to change up your color scheme and go for something bold but light. Summer color schemes vary from warm tones to air pantones. Choose the one that best suit your personal style. You can also make a color combination of warm and light tones to suit your taste. Just go easy with the color and find the right balance for the color palette.


  1. Change your mattress


Now that summer is coming, maybe it is high time for you to change your bed, including your mattress. If you have a bulky bed and mattress, it may not suit your weigh down summer style. Opt for a bed and foam mattress in Dubai that would best fit your room design. It would be best to go for something slender but solid. Be mindful of the size visually and literally.


  1. Alter your beddings

Apart from changing your bed and looking for the best mattress in Dubai, you also need to change up your sheets and linens so it would go with the new design you have in mind. Aside from the design, keep in mind the materials and make of the beddings. Remember that this season is a hot one, so pick a bedding that light and comfortable. Also, buy a couple of bedding for spare and replacement.

  1. De-clutter your space


During the winter season, all our heavy winter apparels were sprawled in the room. Since the cold season is over, you need to put these ensembles back inside your closet and bring out your summer collection for display and use. Throw out those apparels that can clutter your space and closet.


  1. Make it breezy


The hot breeze will definitely start to blow this season, so you have to prepare your room for that. Put a ceiling fan to amplify the wind inside the space. Running the blades counter-clockwise will even out the temperature in your room.