Tips to help you buy the best vacuum cleaner

Every single home out there needs a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes. Whether you have a tiled home or one that has wall-to-wall carpeting, it is necessary for you to maintain its cleanliness and what better way of doing that than with a portable vacuum cleaner in Dubai. Given below are a few elements that you need to consider to get the best cleaner for your home:


Do you want a full size or handheld vacuum cleaner?

A full size machine is the perfect option for people who have homes with carpeted room and a high volume of traffic. The options available in this regard are those of upright and canister style cleaners. On the other hand, if you have little carpeting and just wish to purchase a vacuum cleaner for on-spot clean ups, then it is best for you to opt for a handheld model. The thing with handheld vacuum cleaners is that these are smaller, easily portable and cheaper. However, considering that these do not have the suction of a full size cleaner, you could consider purchasing both.


How much power is required?

If you have trouble cleaning deep soiling and have a high volume of traffic around your home, then it is best for you to consider purchasing a high powered vacuum cleaner. However, if the flooring of your home tends to remain clean most of the time, then a lighter power vacuum cleaner will work just fine for you. Lower power vacuum cleaners are actually preferred by people for the simple reason that these are easier to use.


Where will it be used?

It is best for you to purchase a canister style vacuum cleaner if it will only be used to clean stairs or rooms with lots of furniture. The thing with canister models is that these do not need for the entire machine to be pushed along everywhere. Instead, all you have to do is position the suction hose to vacuum. The hose happens to be rather flexible and can easily be used around awkward spaces as well.  However, it is best for you to acquire an upright vacuum cleaner in Dubai if you have large open areas around your place. These are easy to push and come with larger storage capacities.


What about maintenance?

Like anything else, vacuum cleaners also require maintenance. In this case, it would include changing bags, occasional repairs and fixing belts and filters etc. If you get a high-end model, there is a good chance that its maintenance will be rather expensive. But for obscure brands, finding supplies can be a bit of a trouble. Hence, make sure that you consider how easily available the supplies of your chosen vacuum cleaner are and how affordable it is for it to be maintained.