How to start a food truck business in Abu Dhabi

Doing any type of business in any major city like Abu Dhabi is quite competitive. You have to sort out things clearly before going into business. To start food truck business in Abu Dhabi, you need a competitive and appealing concept, a feasible business plan, a fully equipped food truck and a solid market strategy to make it successful. Here is some guidelines for you to look before staring your business.

  1. Research about the target market: When you are starting a food truck business, make sure that you are filling a hole in the market. It is important for your business to run that you are aware of the space and demand available in the market and the types of cuisines you are dealing. Also that whether you want your business to be mobile as well as your customers to be able to find you.
  2. Choose a name and concept for your truck: You should choose a concept or name that is descriptive of your supply that the people immediately get to know what to expect from you. Your name should be unique that everyone remembers it. Have a captivating concept and logo and everyone, whether he is your customer or just passing by keeps an impression of you in his mind. And that is what you want.
  3. Create a business plan: Creating a business plan in a necessity for every business start-up. Your business plan should have a business description of the food industry running in your and adjacent areas, and also the present outlook and future possibility. You should have a clear market analysis of what the food industry is offering and what kind of food industry has the largest customer base. Create a marketing plan of how you want to introduce your product and attract the customers.
  4. Make you work legal: You need to have a permit and food truck license in Dubai. One is food service permit and the other is business license. Also you need to have parking permit as these trucks cannot simply stand at normal vehicles parking.
  5. Design your menu: Your food truck design and layout should reflect your brand and what you are offering, but you also should have a legible and appealing food board.
  6. Market your truck: A food truck marketing strategy involves online and traditional marketing ways. You can use social media or websites or you can participate in festivals and local events to make you renown among people.

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